Gershwin 12

Happy Birthday my dear boy!


Gershwin in our wild garden May 2015

Anouk 10.03.2003 – 11.09.2015



In the beginning of the year 2015, Gershwin got 11 and Triny 10 years old. They are still able to do long walks, but I have stopped to do agility with Triny to protect her of extremes. Triny is as sharp she used to be, but Gershwin’s hearing has diminished. Fortunately he has big ears and still hears something :). I wish we have many more healthy years before us.IMG_1472




Smilla 10



Põlvamaa, July 2013

Põlvamaa, July 2013


Photo by Kristina Grau

Triny’s in A2 since yesterday

Triny and I have got our last zero in order to change into the agility 2 competition class. It happened in Tallinn 13.08.2011 on the competition arranged by A-koer and the judge was Mrs. Marianne Fernström from Sweden. I’m so proud of my brave black pearl!

Photo by Livia Kask

Triny and tunnels 2010

The Tunnel Cup 2010 had it’s first competitions today. Triny performed one very sound course that you can watch below:

The second course brought us the first disqualification ever in the history of our tunnel runs. Hence, we have the cause to celebrate :).


Water calls again ....

Different types 🙂

Beauty, what else

We often take long walks in the woods of Põlvamaa (South-Eastern Estonia). There are some shots from 2th of May.

Smilla and Pulsatilla patens

Smilla and pine trunks

Triny, the water-nymph

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